How To Play

-Learn the rules of ThrowGolf-


Safety First

The Flauncher® is only designed for use on a traditional golf course.  Do not use in a park or other residential setting.  Always check behind you before swinging your Flauncher® overhead.  Make sure nobody is in the path of where you are aiming to throw your ball.




Ground Rules:

1. The player may start their throw any distance back of the line between the tee markers (the ball can be thrown with single or double hand on the Flauncher®).

2. The player walks to ball from the first throw and this is your lie for your second throw (on any lie, you are entitled to a 1-Flauncher club 1-arm length space back from the ball to perform your next throw).

3. When you reach the green there are two options to advance the ball to the flagstick for a single tap or ball drop in the hole.Toss: Grab the ball using the Flauncher®.Take the ball out from the claws of the Flauncher® and turn Flauncher® to its side and place ball on lips.   With gentle club movement, the ball can be tossed in direction and velocity of your choice.

Foot Tap: Grab the ball using the Flauncher®.  Lift right or left foot slightly up and tap Flauncher® against the foot. That motion will release the ball for short accurate puts on the green. 


If you throw your ball within 1-arm and 1-Flauncher-club length of the pin, this will be considered a single tap. This will count as 1 throw. If Player can pick up the ball and tap the stick or place ball in the hole, they have completed a single tap.

As players approach their next throw, the shortest throw will throw next.  Length of throw off the tee will determine the players next shot order and thereafter until green is reached.

The player with the lowest throw totals will be given the first opportunity to throw off on the next tee (honors). 

From any position on the course if a player throws a ball into the cup it is a Booya!

A hole in one is a “Super-Stewie”. 

How do you putt it in the hole?

See above “Toss” and “Foot Tap” methods.